Call for Artists-Art Treasures III

Call for Artists !!! (members only)

VAS Village Green Gallery

513 Maple Ave W, Vienna VA 22180

1st, 2nd, 3rd & Honorable Mention
Certificates will be awarded


November 14 to December 12

Judge Bryan Jernigan – Chair Anita Champ

Artists must register AND volunteer for each show

THIS SHOW IS OPEN TO VAS MEMBERS ONLY; $20.00 entry fee for each show

Our 25 % commission will apply to all sales

The first 25 artists registered will be accepted. Application deadline November 4th. This is NOT a Juried Entry Show

Each Artist may bring in 2 paintings, if the framed size is over 40″ on one side it will count as two

All works must be for sale


Monitor, Receiving, Hanging, Reception or Pick up
Below files generally will not open on phones & tablets. Please try your laptop or desk top. If they still don’t open we have hard copies at the VAS Art Center and VAS Village Green Gallery.

Click here for Acrylics&Oils registration

Featured image: Pauline Jakobsberg in her studio.