Watercolor with Joe Phillips- August 15

Joseph Phillips – aka “Studio Joe” – is an award-winning mixed-media artist and an experienced art instructor. His work is enjoyed and owned by fine art collectors nationwide as well as individuals who simply like his style. Read More about Joe Phillips at www.studiojoeart.com. Call the art center to reserve your space: (703) 319-3971 CLICK […]

May 9 Members meeting, Deborah Conn presents marbled paper

Deborah Conn creates amazing effects on paper. The membership meeting on May 9 featured a demonstration on Marbled paper by Deborah Conn The meeting will start at 7:30 pm on Thursday May 9. After a short business meeting, the ever popular, Deborah Conn will demonstrate paper marbling.  Her presentation of this thousand-year-old technique that allows the creation of intricate […]

MEMBERS MEETING: Sumi e Painting with Carla Jaranson — April 11

What a fabulous presentation! Immediately following the next VAS membership meeting, at 7:30pm on April 11, we were introduced to Carla Jaranson, who is an exceptionally talented Asian Brush Painter.  She showed us traditional Sumi-e painting techniques. Carla Jaranson introduced the traditional tools of the Chinese painter. She  then demonstrated techniques in ink showing the […]