George Jacob

George Jacob

Watercolor painting has been my passion ever since my childhood. Opportunity to represent the world around us using colors always attracted me. and three daughters.

I am mostly a self taught artist though have been trained by some best teachers. Many say that watercolor is a difficult medium to master and its unforgiving. I love the whole journey of doing the paintings and often finds that watercolor paintings takes us to a different reality.

The web gallery features some of my watercolors. My knowledge is greatly enriched by the presence of other artists around.

George’s work can be viewed at


Phone: +1 248 525 0281



“On the Move”, Watercolor, 22×15 inches, $450

“Canoeing”, Watercolor, 15x 11 inches , $350

“Light House at Maine”, Watercolor, 22×15 inches, $450

“Huckleberry Finn”, Watercolor, 22×15 inches, $500

“Winter Stream”, Watercolor, 22×30 inches, $695

“Boating”, Watercolor, 22×15 inches, $450