Art Center/Gallery Sitting and Volunteer Hours

The Vienna Arts Society is a volunteer membership organization. Each member is expected to volunteer to sit at the VAS Art Center or VAS Gallery and/or contribute time to VAS Continuing Shows, special exhibitions, events, and/or administrative functions.

In order to ensure that the Vienna Art Center is open to the public during regular hours, members who are exhibiting artworks at the Art Center must agree to devote one 4-hour session sitting at the Vienna Art Center during any month their work is on display. In addition, if a member is displaying at any other VAS venues (no matter how many) they must sit one additional 4 hours at the Art Center* during each month their work is on display.  (*If displaying at the VAS Gallery, then sitting would be done at the Gallery, not the Art Center – see additional * note below).

Paid-entry shows, such as the annual Green Spring Gardens show, are exempt from the above sitting requirements, as each will have their own volunteering requirement.

Members must use VAS’ online SignUp system to sign up for dates for sitting. A link/button to SignUp system is located on the website under the Member Corner/VAS Calendar link., at the bottom of this page, and at the bottom of each weekly E-Blast email to members.

Elected VAS Officials are exempt from the sitting requirement.  Any other exemptions are considered on a case-by-case basis by the Continuing Shows Chair (send requests for exemption to  Exempt members are encouraged to add their name to an “on call” list to cover unfilled slots. This allows Lu Cousins, the Art Center Director, to send out a call for help during times the Art Center would otherwise have to be closed.

Members who have not fulfilled their volunteer hours will not be allowed hang their work at any location until they do.

These rules and procedures are displayed at all venues during show changes and included in new member orientation sessions.

*The VAS Gallery policy: Participating artists may hang two paintings no larger than 40” or up to four paintings if the sizes do not exceed 14”. The shows are two months in length and participation requires signing up for three hours of sitting at the Gallery per month.  After participating in four shows the artist may sign up to be a featured artist and must sign up for two sittings per month at the Gallery for the duration of their show.  Each featured artist may hang multiple paintings.  The number of paintings to be displayed depends on the size of the paintings and the space available for each show; one painting can be displayed at the Art Center.  In addition, artists dedicate a Sunday afternoon to help hang each Gallery exchange.

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