Recently retired, Precious served as a proud educator and strong advocate for public education for almost three decades. While receiving VEA’s Award for Teaching Excellence, traveling to Peru as a NEAF Global Learning Fellow, and being chosen as a finalist for the FCPS Outstanding Teacher Award were career highlights, the best moments were always with students- including the visits from former students that would come back years later to tell her how much her class meant to them.

Originally from WV, Precious grew up exploring the outdoors and always found the world around her to be wondrous. Creating art is the way she celebrates the beauty in the world and captures moments and emotions that can’t always be expressed with words. Precious is able to find peace within and be present when creating her art.

While painting is her preferred media, Precious is constantly challenging herself to explore different media and styles. Through exploration and play, she often creates intuitively, allowing emotions and story telling to evolve naturally through brushstrokes and color. Some works have identifiable objects while others are completely abstracted or non-representational. Some works are created using traditional painting techniques and tools while others include mixed media techniques and tools that aren’t typical tools such as a tile trowel, a chopstick, bubble wrap, or an old gift card. Many works are narratives about her journey with chronic health issues or self-acceptance. Precious creates for joy and peace- both for herself and those who experience it!

Precious is a member of the Vienna Arts Society and resides in Fairfax, VA with her husband Todd.