Vienna Arts Society, Inc. began as a volunteer membership organization in 1969. It was incorporated in October 1975 as a nonprofit organization under the IRS regulation 501(c)(3).

The VAS Art Center is located at 243 Church Street, NW, Suite 100 LL, Vienna, VA 22180 (in the lower level of the Windover Professional Building). The Art Center displays original artwork that rotates regularly in themed shows. The Art Center also has a gift shop that displays small handmade items including jewelry, cards, textiles, ceramics, giclees, carvings, and sculptures.  VAS charges a 25% commission on sales and sitting time is required when art is displayed at the art center or at other regular venues. Classes for children and adults, demonstrations, and workshops are offered at the Art Center. Artists, individuals, and community groups may rent the Art Center for meetings, shows, classes, exhibits, or special occasions.  The Art Center’s hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10AM-4PM.

Please call (703) 319-3971 for more information, or email

The VAS also maintains the VAS Gallery, an exhibit venue located at the Village Green Shopping Center, 513 Maple Avenue, W, Vienna, VA 22180 (at the intersection of Nutley Street and Maple Avenue).  Members who hang original works of art in this venue are required to volunteer to sit in shifts as determined monthly by the gallery participants. Hours of operation are Tuesday – Saturday, 10AM-4PM.  In general, shows are two months in length and participation requires signing up for three hours of sitting at the Gallery per month. In addition, artists dedicate a Sunday afternoon to help hang each Gallery exchange.  After participating in four shows the artist may sign up to be a featured artist. Please contact Gallery Director Ruth Ensley ( for show and sitting schedules as well as for further information.

 Statement of Purpose

The purposes of Vienna Arts Society (VAS) are to bring together area artists to share interests, enrich their own experiences in art, and make creative contributions to the community. Members are encouraged to broaden their interests in all areas of art through workshops, demonstrations, lectures, and classes that are held at the VAS Art Center.


Monthly meetings and demos are held on the second Thursday of the month at the VAS Art Center. All meetings are open to members and the general public and include a demonstration and/or illustrated talk.

News Sources

Current information on VAS activities can be found:

  • on the VAS’ website,
  • in weekly email newsletter to members
  • in VAS Facebook postings at

The Art Center Director can be reached at 703-319-3971 for additional information.

Membership Privileges

  • a place to share your passion for art
  • personal enrichment of your art experience
  • a chance to make creative contributions to the community
  • free participation in the VAS Gallery, VAS Art Center, and Continuing Shows displays
  • a gallery page on website
  • reduced fees for judged and/or juried exhibitions
  • free monthly demonstrations
  • weekly online Mini-newsletters (E-Blasts)
  • a quarterly newsletter
  • a directory of members

Community Activities

The Vienna Arts Society is committed to making positive contributions to the community. Some activities have included the “Take A Seat Vienna” painted benches project, hosting a Children’s Printmaking Workshop at Patrick Henry Library; Vienna Business Association events; the American Legion; FCPS art awards and High School scholarship; supporting local charities like CHO’s (Community Helping Others) food drive and working with troops on the mend at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.

Exhibitions and Shows

Vienna Arts Society holds two judged shows each year, and may periodically hold juried shows.

“Judged” – all artworks entered are displayed and a judge selects winners.

“Juried” – all artworks submitted are reviewed by a judge, who selects the show (accepts or rejects the artwork submitted) and then selects winners.

Annual VAS judged exhibitions:

  • Photography Show open to all held in August
  • Members-only Show held Dec-Feb at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Virginia

Non-judged bi-monthly exhibitions and shows are held at the VAS Art Center, the VAS Gallery, and at Continuing Shows at various locations throughout the greater Vienna area. Sales at all venues include a 25% commission to VAS and sitting time is required. If you sell your artwork within 60 days after participating in any exhibition or show, it is your obligation to mail a check for the 25% commission to the VAS Treasurer.


VAS Art Center Director- Lu Cousins (703) 319-3971

VAS Gallery Chair- Deborah Schneider

Continuing Shows

Vienna Community Center

120 Cherry Street, SE, Vienna, VA 22180

Ameriprise Financial
1950 Gallows Road, Suite 420, Vienna, VA 22182

L’Image Salon
3079 Nutley St., Pan Am Shopping Center, Vienna, VA 22031

VAS Gallery
Village Green Shopping Center
513 Maple Avenue W., Vienna, VA 22180

Patrick Henry Library
101 Maple Avenue E., Vienna, VA 22180

Steps for Entering VAS Continuing Shows

  1. Sign up to sit at the VAS Art Center for a three-hour shift each month that your artwork is on display at the Art Center, and another shift if your work is also displayed at any other VAS venue (maximum 6 hours per month)
  2. Follow instructions found under “Exhibition Guidelines” for artwork.
  3. Check the Continuing Show schedule on the website and E-Blast for:
  4. Venue locations
  5. Hanging date and time for each location
  6. Show Chair contact information
  7. Contact the Show Chairs before the hanging date to pre-register and to provide the Title, Media and Price of each piece.
  8. Deliver your artwork to the Show location at the date and time specified.
  9. At delivery time, read the Show Entry Agreement Form that specifies the requirements for entering your art into the Show. Signing it means you agree to the requirements. Fill in your Name, Title, Media, and Price of each piece. Be aware of pick up times. When picking up artwork, initial the sign-in sheet to indicate retrieval.
  10. Be sure to sign up to sit at the Art Center using VAS’ online SignUp. The SignUp calendar is located on the website under the Member Corner (click on VAS Calendar).
  11. As artwork is sold, it is removed from the Show. If your work is sold, a Show Chair will call to make arrangements for a replacement.
  12. Pick up your unsold paintings at the next show change. If you cannot be there, make arrangements with a friend of other member to pick up your artwork, and advise the Show Chair. There is a $10 fee for uncollected artwork, and VAS cannot guarantee against any damage if the work must be transported to and stored at the Art Center.

Classes and Workshops

A variety of classes, workshops, critiques and paint-ins are organized each year to meet the interests of beginning, intermediate, and advanced artists of all ages in a wide variety of media and styles.

All art must be the artist’s original work. Acceptable media include: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Collage, Mixed Media, Pastel, Drawing, Hand-pulled Prints, Photography, Etc. and Sculpture of size and weight easily handled by one person. Each show may establish specific size/weight guidelines.

Photography entries must be in the edition of one and can include: Traditional, Digital, and Innovative.

The following are not eligible:  Work accepted in previous VAS juried shows. Work depicting nudes, violence, weapons, drugs or drug-related items. Works unsuitably framed. (Frames must be secure, and gallery-wrapped canvases should be painted on all sides and must have framing wire securely attached.) SAWTOOTH HANGERS are not acceptable hangers for either frames or canvases.

Criteria for Display

Mats must be acid-free board, clean and well cut. Tape used to secure work and backing board also must be acid-free material. Glazing must be glass or Plexiglas and free of cracks and scratches. Entries must be dry and ready for display. Entries consisting of multiple pieces will be considered multiple entries. No piece can be over 2304 square inches (approx. 48X48), including frame. Any oversized art may be accepted on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the Show Chair. Sculptor must provide floor pedestal for display if needed.

Bin Pieces

All registered artists may bring original, matted, unframed pieces for sale for the bins. Mats must be clean and well-cut. All bin pieces must be neatly and securely shrink-wrapped in professional clear art bags. Reproductions and giclees, which must be marked as such, may be submitted for bins. Maximum size 22” x 28” (616 sq. in.).  Reproduction pieces in bins cannot be a copy of an original that is hanging at the same time in any VAS location. All bin pieces must be clearly labeled with the artist’s name, title of the work, medium and price. This information must also be listed on one 3”x5” card per artist and turned in to the person in charge of the exhibition.

The Vienna Arts Society is a volunteer membership organization. Each member is expected to volunteer to sit at the VAS Art Center or VAS Gallery and/or contribute time to VAS Continuing Shows, special exhibitions, events, and/or administrative functions.

In order to ensure that the Vienna Art Center is open to the public during regular hours, members who are exhibiting artworks at the Art Center must agree to devote one three-hour session sitting at the Vienna Art Center during any month their work is on display. In addition, if a member is displaying at any other VAS venues (no matter how many) they must sit one additional 3 hours at the Art Center* during each month their work is only display.  (*If displaying at the VAS Gallery, then sitting would be done at the Gallery, not the Art Center – see additional * note below). The maximum sitting requirement is 6 hours per month. 

Paid-entry shows, such as the annual Green Spring Gardens show, are exempt from the above sitting requirements, as each will have their own volunteering requirements.Members must use VAS’ online SignUp system to sign up for dates for sitting. The SignUp calendar is located on the website under the Member Corner/VAS Calendar link.

Executive Board members, Show Chairs, and others designated by the Executive Board who donate extensive time to working on special projects during a month are not required to sit that month. Those members are encouraged to add their name to an “on call” list to cover unfilled slots. This allows Lu Cousins, the Art Center Director, to send out a call for help during times the Art Center would otherwise have to be closed.

Members who have not fulfilled their volunteer hours will not be allowed hang their work at any location until they do.

These rules and procedures are displayed at all venues during show changes and included in new member orientation sessions.

*The VAS Gallery policy: Participating artists may hang two paintings no larger than 40” or up to four paintings if the sizes do not exceed 14”. The shows are two months in length and participation requires signing up for three hours of sitting at the Gallery per month.  After participating in four shows the artist may sign up to be a featured artist and must sign up for two sittings per month at the Gallery for the duration of their show.  Each featured artist may hang multiple paintings.  The number of paintings to be displayed depends on the size of the paintings and the space available for each show; one painting can be displayed at the Art Center.  In addition, artists dedicate a Sunday afternoon to help hang each Gallery exchange.


President – Ruth Ensley
Vice President – Jodi Condes
Secretary – Susan Tilton
Treasurer – Richard Neff


The VAS has an Advisory Board of artist members and Vienna community leaders.  The Advisory Board meets twice a year.   

2019-2020 President of Advisory Board – Hayden Luczka
2019-2020 Virginia Registered Agent – Susan Tilton

Vienna Community Leaders:

Doug Francis

Jayme Majdi

Susan Pierce

Carey Sienicki


VAS Arts Center Director: Lu Cousins
VAS Gallery Director: Ruth Ensley
Community Liaison Chair: Mary Ellen Larkins
Communications Committee Chair: Dore’ Skidmore
Continuing Shows Chair: Grace Rooney
Fundraising Chair:  Hayden Luczka

Hospitality Committee Chair: Grace Rooney
Membership/Directory Chair: Sheeler Kowalewski
Programs Chair: Alice Nodine

Workshops/Classes Chair:  Noreen Brunini
State Agent for Corporation: Sue Tilton

1969 Valerie Elmore
1970 Sue Haitt
1971 Treena Rinaldi
1972 Marie Straw
1973 Fran Goodrick
1974 Bernie Jernigan
1975 Ruth Magann
1976 Beverly Rice
1976-1977 Dorothy Strange
1977-1978 Mary Ann Winstead
1978-1979 Jeannette C. Niska
1980-1981 Pauline Lorfano
1981-1982 Maggie Jordon
1982-1983 Peggy Hooper
1983-1984 Angie Culfogienis
1985-1986 Nadine Sloan
1986-1987 Vera Heywood
1987-1988 Constance Stillwell
1988-1989 Pauline Lorfano
1989-1990 Susan Spinosa
1991-1993 Lilly Manning
1993-1994 Betsy Kellum
1994-1995 Art Zasada
1995-1998 Carol Milton
1998-2000 Carter Ide
2000-2001 Marty Klaimon
2001-2004 Carolyn Koslow
2004 Cleo Converse
2004-2005 Pauline Lorfano
2005-2007 Charlotte Potashnik & Karin Sebolka
2007-2009 Margaret Johnson
2009-2011 Donna Grone
2011-2012 Arla Albers
2012-2015 Grace Rooney
2015-2018 Doré Skidmore
2018-2019 Hayden Luczka
2019-Present Ruth Ensley

The Artist of the Year Award was launched in 2005 in order to publicly recognize a member of the Vienna Arts Society that had demonstrated a history of creditable volunteer service, outstanding artistic workmanship, and faithful contributions to the society. The Executive Board, Committee Chairs, and past presidents offered up nominations from the membership, with the award being given to the member that had garnered the highest number of votes.

2005:  Pauline Lorfano
2006:  Harris Miller
2007:  Brendan Somerville
2008:  Bev Nickens
2009:  Nancy Hornstein
2010:  Jean Johnston
2011:  Carol Milton
2012:  Grace Rooney
2013:  Pauline Lorfano
2014:  Debi Elliott
2015:  Helen Dilley Barsalou
2016:  Rita Bentley
2017:  Ken Frye
2018:  Richard Neff
2019:  Dore’ Skidmore
2020:  Ken Britz

Vienna Arts Society, Inc. Bylaws

ARTICLE I–Organization Name

Section 1.

The name of the organization is the Vienna Arts Society, Inc., hereafter referred to as the Society.


Section 1.

The purpose of the Vienna Arts Society, Inc. is to bring together area artists, (and persons interested in the arts) for their education and the education of the community. It is intended that by so doing they may enrich their own experiences and make creative contributions to the community.

This purpose can be served:

  1. By encouraging groups interested in painting, pottery, sculpture, photography, printmaking, jewelry, weaving, sketching, and related creative expression to become active members of the Vienna Arts Society, Inc.
  2. By inviting guest artists and others as speakers and exhibitors; by demonstrating various media and encouraging audience participation; by exhibiting articles of good design.
  3. By sharing art publications and exchanging information concerning local exhibitions and permanent collections in the area.

By creating a demand at the local public library for art books of the highest quality.

  1. By encouraging club and business organizations or other interested persons to purchase art work, to establish permanent collections in the local library, hospital or other similar public buildings; to contribute to the collection of art books in the local library; and to assist in providing an art scholarship fund or grant whenever interest indicates the need of such support.

Section 2.

The Vienna Arts Society, Inc. shall operate as an independent nonprofit 501c(3) organization. No part of the net earnings of the Society shall incur to the benefit of any individual member.

Article III—Membership Eligibility

Section 1.

Adult artists actively working in any art media and/or adult persons interested in art activities and the development of the cultural interest of the community shall be eligible for membership.

In addition, full-time students under 22 shall be eligible for membership in the Vienna Arts Society for one-half the rate of regular membership.

New applicants will be accepted into membership of the Society upon receipt of payment of membership dues. Applications should be directed to the Membership Chair.

Section 2.

The membership year will coincide with the fiscal year and run from July 1 to June 30, dues being payable by June 30. Only members in good standing shall be included in the annual Membership Directory.  There shall be no pro-rating of dues.

Section 3.

A member is an individual who shares interest in the execution and promotion of the arts and who fulfills membership requirements of the Vienna Arts Society, Inc., including volunteer service hours as established by the Executive Board.

A patron is an individual, organization, or supplier who supports the visual arts and makes appropriate contributions as established by the Executive Board of the Vienna Arts Society, Inc.

Article IV—Advisory Board of Directors

Section 1.

The membership of the Advisory Board shall consist of six (6) persons, plus the President of the Society, for a total of seven (7) members. Members shall serve three-year terms. The two (2) senior members (exclusive of the President) shall retire each year and two (2) replacements shall be elected by the membership of the Society during the June meeting.

Section 2.

No elected officer of the Executive Board shall be a member of the Advisory Board at the same time, with the exception of the President of the Society. Honorary members may be appointed by the Advisory Board for a three-year term from time to time as they see fit. The VAS Corporation’s Registered Agent may also be an honorary member of the Advisory Board. Such honorary members will not be counted among the seven (7); and are eligible to vote.

Section 3.

The duties of the Advisory Board shall be to serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Board and to fulfill the legal responsibilities as stated in the Articles of Incorporation included in the records of the Society’s treasurer.

Section 4.

If the previous President of the Society wishes to be on the Advisory Board, only one (1) person shall be elected to the Board. If he or she chooses not to serve, two (2) members should be nominated and elected at the time of the annual elections.

Section 5.

Any vacancy in the Advisory Board shall be filled by a vote of remaining Directors until the next regularly scheduled election of officers by the membership.

Section 6.

The Advisory Board shall have no less than two meetings a year. Time and place is to be determined by the members of the Advisory Board. The first meeting is to be held before December 30. The Chair of the Advisory Board shall be responsible for calling the two (2) required meetings.

Section 7.

The Chair of the Advisory Board shall be elected from the two senior members of the Advisory Board each year, following the general election, to serve one year. A Secretary shall be appointed by the Chair to serve one year.

Article V—Executive Board of Directors

Section 1.

The Executive Board is comprised of the following elected and appointed officers:

Elected Officers and Duties

(Advisory Board – one or two members to serve on the Advisory Board of Directors)

President Chairs the Executive Board

Vice President Assists the President and correspondence

Secretary Records minutes of the Executive Board meetings and general meetings

Treasurer Acts as bookkeeper, pays bills

Appointed Officers

Art Center Director Public Relations Coordinator

Chamber of Commerce Liaison Spring Show Chairs

Continuing Shows Director State Agent for Corporation

Directory Editor Treasury of Arts Show Chairs

Fundraising Chair VAS Gallery Director

Historian Web Site Webmaster

Hospitality Chair Workshop Chairs

Mailing Coordinator

Membership Chair

New York Trip Coordinator

Newsletter Editor



Program Chair

Committees may be added, deleted or revised at the discretion of the Executive Board.  Changes or additions may be made by the President as required to further the business of the society.

Section 2.

These officers and committee chairs shall constitute the Executive Board of the Society. The President is the Chair of the Executive Board.

Section 3.

The Executive Board has all powers of the Society in the intervals between membership meetings. This board may meet on call of its Chair, on the request of any three members of the Executive Board, or at the request of the Advisory Board of Directors.

Section 4.

Successful candidates assume full duties of their offices at the July meeting. They serve until the Executive Board meeting in June. At that time they shall have their records in good order and shall relinquish them to the successor who shall have the responsibility of the office from this date. Outgoing officers shall remain in an advisory capacity to their successors, if needed, until full duties of the offices are assumed by the incoming officers at the next regular meeting. The outgoing officer should submit to the incoming officer a job requirement report (written job description).

Section 5.

In case of vacancy in the Office of the President, the Vice President shall become President. Vacancies in other elected or appointed offices shall be filled by the Executive Board until the next annual election.

Section 6.

Should an elected or appointed officer, for reasons of incompetence or malfeasance, fail to fully discharge duties of the office, the Executive Board may vote to issue a request for resignation. Should the officer not comply with such a request in a reasonable period of time, the Executive Board may act to remove the officer by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE VI—Nominations

Section 1.

In March, the Executive Board shall select one of its members to be the Chair of the Nominating Committee. At the April membership meeting, nominations from the floor for four (4) additional nominating committee members will take place. The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for preparing a prospective slate of elected and appointed officers for the Executive Board and the Advisory Board of Directors for the following year. No members may be nominated to serve on the Nominating Committee without their prior consent. If more than four persons are nominated for the nominating committee, a vote shall be taken by ballot. A majority vote shall determine the composition of the committee.

Section 2.

It shall be the duty of the Nominating Committee to communicate with the prospective officer to determine willingness to serve, and to furnish with a written description of duties if so desired.

Section 3.

At the May membership meeting, a proposed slate of officers and their qualifications shall be submitted to the Society by the Nominating Committee. In addition to those proposed by the Nominating Committee, nominations may be made from the floor providing prior consent of the nominee has been obtained by the person making the nomination. No member’s name shall be proposed without the member’s consent.

Article VII—Elections

The election of officers of the Society shall be held at the June meeting immediately following the acceptance of the proposed nominees. If two candidates are nominated, the vote shall be by ballot and the candidate with a majority vote shall be elected. If no candidate receives a majority vote, a runoff election (by ballot) shall be held between the two leading candidates. These officers shall assume their duties on July 1.

Article VIII—Meetings

Section 1.

Regular meetings of the Society shall be held each month, except July, August and December. However, additional meetings may be held at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Section 2.

At the May meeting of the general membership, the treasurer shall present the budget for the forthcoming fiscal year for review and approval.

Section 3.

If the officers fail to call a meeting, a petition signed by 20 percent of the membership and submitted to the President of the Society binds the President to call the requested meeting.

Article IX—Dues

Section 1.

Membership dues, the amount to be determined by the Society in accordance with its needs, are payable at the time of application for membership and every June thereafter. There shall be no prorating of dues.

Article X—Finances

Section 1.

Funds obligations by Committee Chairs are authorized within their approved budget levels.  Obligations not provided for in the approved budget may be authorized by the Executive Board up to $500; if greater than $500, authorization by the membership is required.  Where experience dictates, authorization for amounts over $500 may be given by the Executive Board; however, the President shall so notify the membership at the next general meeting.

Section 2.

No loans or large commitments shall be contracted on behalf of the Society and no evidences of indebtedness shall be issued in its name unless authorized by a resolution of the Executive Board, Advisory Board and membership.

Section 3.

At no time are financial obligations to exceed funds then available.

Section 4.

At each regular meeting the Treasurer presents a financial report, with copies for the President, Secretary, and Chair of the Advisory Board.

Section 5.

All checks shall be signed by the Treasurer. In the absence of the Treasurer, the President is authorized to sign checks.

Section 6.

The budget year and accounting year shall run from July 1 through June 30 of each year.

Section 7.

The Treasurer shall submit a full report to the Advisory Board twice a year, at Advisory Board meetings.

Article XI—Meeting Rules and Procedures

The rules contained in the Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the Society in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws or the special rules of order of this Society.

Article XII—Amendments to Bylaws

These Bylaws may be amended at any general meeting provided that the proposed amendments are presented to the membership in writing one month in advance. Provided the above condition is met, the Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote at the general meeting.

Article XIII—Incorporation

The Society will abide by the Articles of Incorporation as approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission, October 16, 1975, and will comply with the State and Federal Laws governing such a corporation.

Article XIV—General

Section 1.

A quorum for the conduct of business at membership meetings is 25 members. A quorum for the Executive Board meeting is eight (8) members. A quorum for the Advisory Board is three (3) elected members.

Section 2.

A majority means a majority of those voting, either in a general, Executive Board, or Advisory Board meeting, or those members who reply to a mailed proposal.

Article XV—Exhibitions

Section 1.

The number and type of exhibitions to be held each year, including decisions regarding the venue, hanging fees, whether open or closed to participation by nonmembers, whether the exhibitions will be juried or judged, etc., shall be decided by the Executive Board. Members may submit original entries suitable to the exhibit within the limitations of the space facilities provided.  In all Society-sponsored exhibitions, the hanging committee for that show decides the arrangements and suitability of all entries.

Section 2.

The type of media accepted for Society sponsored exhibitions is decided by the membership of the Executive Board, and is determined by the suitability and limitations of the space provided at the exhibit facility. The Society shall deal solely in originally executed artwork. No reproductions of original works shall be accepted in any show unless approved by members.

Section 3.

Commissions on all exhibition sales are paid to the Vienna Arts Society, Inc., unless otherwise specified by the Executive Board at the time of exhibition. At those exhibitions where the Vienna Arts Society is handling the sale of art works, the Society is responsible for the collection of sales tax. This tax will be obtained from the purchaser at the time of the sale. At other exhibitions, such as sidewalk shows, where the exhibitor handles the sale of his own work, the matter of sales tax is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Section 4.

Sales commissions for shows, exhibits, or events sponsored by the Society shall be determined by the Executive Board.

Article XVI—General Requirements

Major decisions/recommendations made by the Executive Board relating to changes in qualifications of membership, dues, donations, new funding or other fiscal matters shall be reported to the membership for approval by members.

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