About Face–Now Showing at the VAS Art Center

Muti Medium by Susan Webster
Artwork by Bob Mangneson

About Face

This theme can be interpreted many different ways. Our artists have embraced the different meanings that it may bring to mind. It is a show worth your time  to explore VAS new art center.  There are many surprises waiting for you at the new exhibition. Stop by the VAS Art Center and check out our artists’ interpretations of About Face. Is it about face or about a face? Come see for yourself. This exhibit will be in place until March 11.

Due to the delivery of all  the benches back to the Art Center this week,  our changeover date has been moved to March 11 from 10:00 to 11:30 am.  The next theme is “Rhapsody in Blue”.  If you have a lovely artwork that you wish to exhibit that is not within this theme, please consider exhibiting it anyway.  This is a venue for VAS members to show their works.
Please send your entry information to Grace at gracemrooney@gmail.com  for labels to be made. Please state if you already have labels for your pieces.