“Art in The Garden” at Green Spring Garden– Dec 17 – Feb 25

Field de Fleurs, Watercolor, by Grace Rooney

Art in the Garden exhibit is in place at Green Spring Garden Park from December 17 through February 25.

This is a members-only juried show is just fabulous, it includes 2D art in various media and styles, including photography. This year’s theme is “Art in the Garden,” with subject matter to include horticulture, nature (flora and fauna), and local history/local landscapes.  A truly ‘remarkable show with beautiful presentations, stop by this venue located at 4603 Green Spring Road in Alexandria, VA. The judge for this VAS spectular was  Marni Maree, a well-known instructor, who maintains a studio at the Workhouse Art Center in Lorton.  She chose some beautiful artworks for the cash prizes.

Greet the artists when the awards will be presented at the reception at Green Springs Gardens Center on Sunday, January 6 from 1 to 3 pm.

Congratulations to the following awardees.


First Place – Grace Rooney – Field of Fleurs –  Watercolor

Second Place –  Carol Higgs – House & Garden – Batik

Third Place – Deb Schneider – Path Into the Woods – Oil

Honorable Mention (equal merit listed in alphabetical order)

Noreen Brunini – Centreville Tear Down – WC

Jodi Condes – Too Pretty To Sweep – Acrylic

Leo Deege – Lake’s Edge – Oil

Betty Ganley – Waltzing Wisteria – WC

Ray Goodrow – The Last Herd – WC

Path into the Woods, Oil by Deb Schneider

Jeff Gorrell – Ripples – WC

Jennifer Hennessey – Jumps Out At You – WC

Sharon Craven Kinzer – Pink Roses – Oil

Sandra Olszowy – Taking Flight – Acrylic

Margaret Raymond –  Last Summer’s Orchid – Photography

There were a lot of people on the grounds at Green Spring Garden Park on Sunday, January 6, enjoying the spring like weather.  Likewise, the reception for VAS “Art In the Garden” exhibit attracted a sizable number of people to view the wide range of natural scenes and styles.  The artists were in attendance to greet visitors and to be recognized at the awards presentation Marnie Maree judged the show.

Noreen Brunini who chaired this event looked pleased as well at the VAS leadership team. This delightful show will be in place until February 25, it is free to all.