Latest News: Art Treasures II — Mix It Up!

Vienna Arts Society

October 17 – November 13, 2021

Several dozen artists and friends gathered for an Awards Reception on October 17, 2021, at the VAS Village Green Gallery. Renowned judge Pauline Jakobsberg told everyone that she enjoyed meeting “all these talented people and having the opportunity to see all the different approaches to their art.”

1ST PLACE:   Jodi Condes  “Busy City”

2nd PLACE:   Janice Burns  “The Chart”

3rd PLACE:  Atti Wheeler  “Galaxy”


Noreen Brunini  “Rooted”

Todd Burger  “The Flower in the Sun”

Deborah Kennedy “Streamers”

Shari McFarlane “Magic Garden”

Terry Svat “Life Signs”

Art Treasures I – Watercolor and Pastel

Vienna Arts Society

September 12 – October 16, 2021

Nationally recognized judge Alice Kale presented the awards for a judged exhibition of the VAS members’ best Watercolor and Pastel paintings on September 12, 2021, at the VAS Village Green Gallery, 513 Maple Avenue W, Vienna VA 22180.


Turkey Tail by Carolyn Modugno

1ST PLACE:   Carolyn Modugno “Turkey Tail”

2nd PLACE:   Noreen Brunini  “Sunflowers and Peppers”

3rd PLACE:  Shari MacFarlane  “Le Connoisseurs”


Grace Rooney  “Out to Sea”

Vicky Zhou  “Fountain in the Garden”

Ginger Sanaie  “Water’s Edge”