“Busting Out All Over” exhibit at the Art Center



The next Art Center show will be Summer Favorites. The changeover will be on Monday, July 1, from 10 to11:30 am.  Pick up your art on Friday, August 2 at the close of the show.  The photography show “Open Door” will be put in place on Saturday, August 3.

Fabric Collage by Ava Neff
mixed media by Rosemary Gallick
alcohol inks by Dore’ Skidmore
acrylic by Shari MacFarlane
oil painting by Leo Deege

VAS artists have created varied expressions of a theme Busting Out All Over now showing at the ArtCenter until June.  Stop by the VAS Arts Center Tuesday through Saturday from 10AM to 4 PM. The show is open to public.

These exhibits are open to public, there is the opportunity to purchase art along with a selection of smaller “gift items” for a great price.  Stop by and see what the artists have to offer.

artwork by Anna Watson