Winners announced at VAS’s annual Green Spring Gardens show

First Place: Shari MacFarlane

Second Place: Noreen Brunini

Third Place: Patricia Deege 

Judge Peter Ulrich named 3 winners and 6 honorable mentions at the annual VAS show at Green Spring Gardens Horticultural Center in Alexandria. And the winners are:

  1. First Place: Shari MacFarlane for Autumn Memory
  2. Second Place: Noreen Brunini for Fairies’ Golden Gala
  3. Third Place: Patricia Deege for Autumn At Great Falls

Honorable mentions:

  • Andy DeBruyn:   Water Lily Pads
  • Sandy Olszowy:  Queenly Trio
  • Deborah Elliot: Key To Amor
  • Kimberly Stein:  Botanical Garden
  • Ronnie Offen: Miss Daffy Dill
  • Carolyn Sahni: Persimmons
This judged show, which is entitled “TURNING A NEW LEAF”, runs until April 29. The artwork in the show portrays themes of florals/horticulture, fauna/animals, and local nature landscapes from VA/Md/ DC.

Learn more about Peter Ulrich, popular and widely respected teacher at The Art League, here: