VAS artist demo and membership meeting with Catherine Hillis

Thursday April 14, 10:30-noon

Acclaimed South Carolina artist Catherine Hillis demonstrated her approach to creating vibrant PLEIN AIR watercolor paintings.

As Catherine explained, her paintings can be described as traditional landscapes, still lifes and figures, but she tries to use her unique perspective to draw the viewer into the world as she sees it, incorporating humor or beauty whenever possible in unexpected places. As an eager traveler, and perhaps even a bit of a gypsy, she tries to view everyday subjects with fresh eyes.

White boats become abstracted shapes of bouncing color. A dilapidated, old building comes to life with the inescapable charm of a one-time beauty queen whose walls reveal a rich, mysterious history. To her eye, New York City, “the city which never sleeps,” is a wonderland of endless shapes of color, motion and energy. Colorful street graffiti in Bucharest is a modern masterpiece set in a bustling urban landscape.

Catherine was always drawn to the arts. As she says, creating art makes her feel good. “Our daily lives are hectic. I like to think my work can slow the pace, and make a troubled world feel better.” To learn more about Catherine, visit her website: