Discover Drawing with Steve Myles

Four One Hour Zoom Sessions
11:00 am – noon; Tuesdays, Nov. 3 – Nov. 24, 2020

Steve Myles

The Vienna Arts Society welcomes the public to our first Zoom Workshop. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, Steve Myles will help you hone your skills as you create well-composed scenes featuring everything from still lives and landscapes to figures and animals. All you need is a pencil and paper. Steve, an accomplished Art Instructor and member of the Vienna Arts Society, has very generously offered to bring us into his studio for this virtual workshop for a donation you feel comfortable with made to VAS.

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Topic: VAS Discover Drawing with Steve Myles – Session 1

Time: Nov 3, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Steve Myles Discover Drawing Syllabus

Four One Hour Sessions

Fall 2020

Session 1 – Introduction to drawing.  

Drawing Materials :

·      Pencils (Hardness scale 9B à 9H)

·      Paper – drawing paper, newsprint, tooth

·      Erasers/Smudgers

·      Drawing boards, easels.

·      Fixatives

Basic Pencil Techniques

·      Cross hatching/Smudging/Using the eraser

·      Edge Control:  hard edge / soft edge

Introduction to value

·      Value vs Hue (black and white vs color)

·      Value chart – pencil

Zoom Demo:  Constructing a value chart

·      Value/Hue chart

·      Using iPhone to convert from color to B&W

Suggesting Volume 

·      Model:  Highlights, reflected lights, mid tones,

·      Shadows (umbra, penumbra).

Zoom Demo:  Sphere, Cylinder

Zoom Shared screen – Drawing techniques

·      Relative sizing – pencil measuring technique

·      Shading – cross-hatching, smudging.

Homework:  Make a value chart, set up a simple still life and draw it.

Session 2 – Landscape Drawing  & Perspective

Optional student sharing of completed work from previous class


·      Simple Linear Perspective – size, angles, shapes

·      Atmospheric Perspective – contrast/focus/hues

Zoom Demo:  1 point, 2 point perspective

·      Vanishing points – demo on paper

·      Finding the middle

·      Circles -à elipses

Zoom Share Screen –

·      Perspective Examples 1: Colvin Mill, Corner street scene

·      Finding the Angle 2:  Corner scene, church

 Landscape drawing and composition

·      Explain on paper:  Rule of thirds, balance and weight

·      Simplifying scenes

Zoom Share Screen:  “Rule of thirds 2

 Zoom Demo: Drawing from photographs

·      transferring the photo to the paper – geometric grid method

·      Establish vanishing point on photo or off.

·      Establishing correct angles – clock analogy

·      Eyeball

Advanced Perspective and Proportion (time permiiting)

·      Foreshortening  – Yellow block

·      Establishing correct angles

·      Bringing the pencil sizing and measuring method together with two point perspective.

·      Spacing techniques

Homework:  Draw a city scene with two point perspective.

Draw a room in your home or a scene outside your house from either life or a photo.

Session 3 – Facial Drawing

Optional student sharing of completed work from previous class

 Components of the face

·      Anatomy of the eye – ball in cup

·      Anatomy of the lips – 5 pillows

·      Cheekbones

·      Jaw

Zoom Demos:

·      Eye – profile

·      Eye – straight

·      Lips – straight

·      Drawing noses – no lines for noses

·      Teeth

 Zoom Demo:  Facial proportions

·      draw standard male/female face

·      Placement of eyes, Lips, nose – use of calipers

·       Eye spacing – via irises, eye

·      Mouth alignment

·      Ear alignment

·      Frontal view vs ¾ portrait view

·      Celebrity facial check –

·      Portrait Demo*

* Class Exercise:  Full face from photo – to be made available to participant via download

 Homework:  Complete drawings started in class

Session 4 – Figure and Animal Drawing:

Optional student sharing of completed work from previous class

 Human Figure

·      Body proportions

·      Gesture

·      Setting up drawing to fill page

·      Use of negative space

Zoom Share Screen – Foreshortening

Zoom Demo: 

·      Body proportions – head relation

·      Joints, flippers to hands/feet

 Zoom Demo:  drawing figure model from photograph

Drawing the hand

Finger “fan”

Animal Drawing:

·      Use of geometric shapes

·      Placement of eyes, mouth

·      Rendering fur and whiskers



Materials List

Fall 2020

Drawing Paper:  Strathmore Drawing Pad, 400 Series, medium surface  – 11 x 14 is a good size

Drawing Pencils:     Can buy a set of pencils or individual pencils

Suggest a range of hardness from 4B (soft) to 4H (hard)

Erasers:    1)  Standard hard rubber “art” eraser – I like FACTIS Black 18

2)  Kneaded Eraser:  this is a soft pliable eraser made of kneaded rubber.

PRISMACOLOR is a popular manufacturer

Smudging stick – a stick made of tightly rolled paper used for blending

Pencil sharpener:  This is not the type of pencil sharpener you used in school.  It is small and portable and is its blades can be easily replaced.