Drop-in Open Studio with David Delano

“Live Model Open Studio” with David Delano

(One Long Pose) $13 per session or subscribe to 8 consecutive sessions for $90 and save!

Models are in costume. Artists, bring your own gear, all media welcome.  Call the art center to save your space: 703-319-3971

OTHER Classes and Workshops


David Delano holds a figure drawing class in an open studio forum.  Want to know more about “Open Studio”?

This is a conversation David Delano shared with us between himself and a new member last year. Note that the date are listed above, the group still meets in this format but on Wednesdays.

This conversation just shows how approachable this artist is about this event.

NM: I am a newly registered VAS member who read the newsletter and was intrigued by the open studio opportunities it referenced.  I have some questions about this and the newsletter directed me to your email to address them:

1) What is the address of the location where the open studio takes place?

DD: 243 Church St. NW, Suite 100 LL, Vienna, VA 22180, nice room, just walk in!

NM: 2) How much, if anything, does a member have to pay each time they attend an open studio?  Is it free if you are a VAS member?

DD: Drop in fee is $13/per session, I collect on the second break, to give people, and the late comers time to settle in.

NM: 3) Should I expect that every Monday of the month, unless otherwise noted, that this will be available to attend?  If not, what is the schedule that this is available to participate in and where can I find said schedule if it exists for reference each week?

DD: Yep. Every Monday except school closure for weather and holidays. We shut down in the summer when people are on vacation, and most of December. I send a weekly email to specify that we are indeed having class, (or cancellation) and say something about the model. I am going to start a “Meet Up” page, soon.

NM: 4) Are there any general “dos” and/or “don’ts” that apply to the open studio that a newbie like myself would benefit from knowing in advance of coming in for the first time?

DD: Wow, thanks for asking.

  • Open plan, sit anywhere you can, arrive early to get a good spot.
  • One pose per session, 20-25 minute sets with 5 minute breaks between.
  • No talking during the pose (20 minute sets). Talk all you want on the breaks.

> Only positive critique of other people’s work. No politics, religion, sex or controversial subjects.

> We are a co-operative group, and so love input on pose, lighting, class format, music, etc.

NM: 5) Would I need to register myself/schedule in advance when I am going to attend or is it run more as a drop-in style opportunity?  Do I need to reserve a spot to be welcomed to come on Mondays? (remember it is Wednesday this season!) If I need to do this, please guide me toward how I would accomplish securing my attendance.

DD: Anyone is welcome to drop in! Just come as you are. Bring your own art supplies. We welcome all media. I use oils with oderless mineral spirits to minimize the fumes. People draw, paint, and even sculpt. We have limited easels, very old and shaky, most people bring their own. Lots of tables, move them wherever you want, try to limit your space on the tables, in other words don’t take 8′ of space on a table where someone else could sit. If you sit real low, try to sit in front, so the people with easels can stand behind you, conversely, if you stand at an easel, be toward the back so low types can sit in front of you! Heretofore the class has not been so crowded as to be an issue, but it helps to clarify.

NM: My apologies for the laundry list of inquiries about open studio.  I am very eager to get involved and want to know the ins and outs of what you have helped offer members in this aspect of VAS.  I greatly appreciate your detailed, comprehensive reply to all of my questions in advance.  I look forward to knowing more and starting to come.