Jeffrey Gorrell

Jeffrey Gorrell

Jeffrey Gorrell

I began painting about 24 years ago, first in watercolor and then oils and acrylics. In the last 8 years I have painted mostly with watercolor on synthetic paper, called Yupo, focusing mostly on landscapes and non-objective abstracts. I am a member of the Vienna Arts Society and the Potomac Valley Watercolorists, as well as being a signature member of the Virginia Watercolor Society. My studio (Building 10, Studio 1006) is located at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton where I also have been named to the prestigious Workhouse Director’s Collection and where I am also a member of the teaching faculty. In the last 3 years, I have won multiple awards for my paintings, locally, regionally and state-wide.

Whether I am painting landscapes or non-objective abstracts, am fascinated by the edges of things – the way that water meets the shoreline, clouds stand out from the sky, trees and leaves intermingle, hard lines meet soft contours, soft contours blend into other contours, adjacent colors bleed together or stand out in strong contrast. My most realistic landscapes are patterned color and shape — objects, of course, but more than objects; they are sensed relationships. I’ve been influenced by serious and not-so-serious art and artists of many time periods, styles, and media.

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“Great Falls”, 20″x26″, Watercolor on synthetic paper

“When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple”, 24″x30″, Watercolor on synthetic paper

“Deconstructed Waterfall”, 24″x18″, Watercolor on synthetic paper

“Blood-Dimmed Tide”, 24″x18″, Watercolor, smoke and ink on synthetic paper

“The Black Rock”, 24″x18″, Watercolor on synthetic paper

“Landscapification of an Abstract Image”, 24″x18″, Watercolor on synthetic paper