Leo Deege

Leo Deege

Painting has been a lifelong hobby. I studied painting with some of the best local artists including Danny Dawson, Rick Weaver and Rob Liberace. I am also a graduate of Nelson Shank’s advanced painting course.

Most of my landscape paintings have been done on location and I have done several portrait commissions of people and animals. I learned from the old masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Velasquez and Van Gogh by copying several of their works.

Contact Leo:  ldeege@verizon.net




“Washington Marina”, 16”x 20”, Oil

“Spruce Knob Lake”, 16 by 24”, Oil

“Ruisdeal’s Mill near Wijk by Duurstede”, 16”x24”, Oil

“Denali”, 24”x 36”, Oil

“Alaska Ice fields”, 12”x 14”, Oil

“Jennie”, 14”x 18”, Oil