Opening: Pathway Homes SUMMER OF THE ARTS 2021, At the VAS VILLAGE GREEN GALLERY, JUNE 29 through JULY 29

VAS is pleased to announce it will again host the Summer of the Arts, a special arts and crafts show with works created by individuals served by Pathway Homes, non profit organization that provides housing and support services for the mentally ill.  The exhibit  which showcases many unique and creative pieces by individuals living with mental illness will be on display from June 29 through July 29.  The paintings can be seen at the VAS Village Green Gallery, 513 Maple Ave W, M – Sat  9 to 5, while the crafts are on display at the VAS Art Center located at 243 Church St NW, Suite1004L, opened Sat 12 – 4.

Pathways Summer of the Arts 2021 Flyer