Our Artists’ Response to the Times


Our Artists’ Response to the Times

Vienna Arts Society Village Green Gallery

513 Maple Ave W

Vienna, Virginia 22180

Hours: 9 to 5 Mon-Sat

August 2 through Sept 11, 20 21

In the spring of 2019 the world as we know it suddenly shut down. Artists everywhere turned to their art to help them through these difficult times in variety ways. Some experimented with new styles and materials, while others found comfort in using familiar motifs and tools. Through art the artists found a creative means of expression that provided them hope, solace, renewed energy, comfort and the will to persevere. We asked our artists to share their work with you.

“Floral Mania” 9×12 Acrylic by Joyce Myers Artist, Joyce Myers, produce this lovely piece by experimenting with acrylics.


Fox Kids in  Triplicate, Watercolor by Ruth Ensley Artist Ruth Ensley has continued her series of fox paintings . She is inspired by the creatures frequent visits to her own back yard.