Rustic Love and Vienna Arts Society Auction

Two amazing non-profits, both in Vienna, joined forces for an online auction that went live from July 10-July 23rd. Working together, Rustic Love and the Vienna Arts Society (VAS) created a limited edition series of the immediately recognizable open heart signs that are displayed throughout Northern Virginia and beyond.

The auction of this limited edition artwork was a resounding success. Every single sign received bids, and the proceeds are being split between Rustic Love, who built the signs, and the Vienna Arts Society, whose artists painted them with stunning colors and designs.

Who are we?

Rustic Love answers the call to nourish the food-insecure, and the Vienna Arts Society answers every call to support and enrich our community through the arts. For VAS, this auction was our first fundraiser since the pandemic shut down the Art Center and many of our venues. We’re hoping the auction will give us a boost as we continue our community outreach, including our support of the World Central Kitchen as it feeds and supports the displaced Ukrainian community throughout Europe.