Terry Svat

Terry Svat


Terry Svat

Artist Statement:

Recently I was selected to be a part of the prestigious Columbia University’s Art Cart program where my work was catalogued and saved in their archives and some pieces were selected for exhibition this past year in the Katzen Center Museum.

In addition, my works are included in Museum Collections in Italy, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Argentina, The Library of Congress and National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Over the past 30 some years, my work has been influenced by the various ways in which people and societies not only leave their mark on their civilizations but also provide a legacy of images, symbols,
and monuments that can speak to other societies and other times. Because I have had the opportunity to live and travel abroad, I was able to study some of the symbols and images of those places. I explored huacas from Pre-Columbian period, symbols and images of Stonehenge and Machu Picchu, the significance of the Berlin Wall and its demise, Apartheid, and our own Vietnam Wall. My works are more of an inquiry into the effects of mark markers in other societies, and at the same time, encouraging the viewer to interact with life forces of today.  I want my work to convey a sense of connectivity, a flow of past to the present and back again.

I have chosen to use various forms of traditional and experimental etching; Zinc, Copper, Plexiglas, Linocut, Solar Plate, ImagOn, pastel transfer, and other forms of printing to compliment my exploration. Found materials are incorporated into handmade paper, which is made from recycled prints.

The artist’s job is to keep alive the rituals of life…we are the myth makers of the world.” Anonymous.

Terry can be reached at terrysvat@gmail.com

Online gallery:  TerrySvat.com


“Generations XIX”, 8x8x 1.5, Mixed Media Print Fragments, $450

“Generations XV”, 10x 8, Mixed Media Print Fragment, $450

“Dancing god I” 8×6, Viscosity Etching, $225

“Reflections from the Wall”, 18x 13, Etching with Pastel Transfer, $350

“Legend in Stone”, 26×30, Pastel Transfer, $500

“Refuge: Box 2”, 8×12, Collagraph with Pastel Transfer and Handmade Paper, $450